Baha’i Blog Quiz: Ridvan

The most holy time of year in the Baha’i calendar is almost here, so that means it’s also time for another Baha’i Blog quiz.

Ridvan is a time of celebration and jubilation for Baha’is around the world, and if you’re still trying to come up with ideas on how you can celebrate it with your community, then check out this Baha’i Blog post for some great ways to celebrate: 16 Novel Ideas for Your Next Holy Day

You may also want to have a read of these past two Baha’i Blog articles about Ridvan in order to brief yourselves on the significance of Ridvan before you jump head-first into the quiz!

  1. What is Ridvan and why does it have 12 days?
  2. The Two Gardens of Ridvan

We hope you enjoy the quiz, and of course, the team at Baha’i Blog would like to wish everyone a very happy Ridvan!

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Muji is a 5th year medical student studying at the University of Melbourne. He enjoys gaming and sports.

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  1. Happy Ridvan, dear friends and Thank you ever so much for your work and effort that keep us, always informed and learning. It’s a fantastic and a Continuous pleasant deepening.

    With lots of love and gratitude.

  2. Dear Bahai friend
    Happy Ridvan!
    I have just completed the 10 questions quiz and find it very refreshing and how important it is to remember important events of our beautiful and wonderful Faith.
    Thank again for all your efforts in putting everything together.
    Lots of Bahai love to you all and happy celebrations.

  3. Dearly loved bahai friend
    Happy Ridvan to you and rest of respondents.
    Thanks for creating this Ridvan related quiz blog . Truly helped to refresh and register in my mind. Honestly, before attempting I reaffirmed my answer.

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