“Paint the Change” – Street Art Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

“Paint the Change” is a new world-wide street art campaign aimed at creating awareness for all those excluded from higher education in Iran, especially the Baha’is.

Paint the Change BrazilIranian journalist and activist Maziar Bahari and his #notacrime team who were behind the “Education is Not a Crime” campaign, are behind “Paint the Change”, and they were inspired by the advice attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, that to truly influence the conduct of others and the course of events, one must “be the change” one wishes to see in the world.

“Paint the Change” invites both professional artists and grass-roots enthusiasts to get involved by painting murals in public places relating to the theme “Education is Not a Crime”. There’s even a “Street Art Handbook” to help you take action, and if you can’t find a wall to paint on (don’t worry, they encourage the legal use of street art), you can also use other artistic options like creating posters and stickers as well. Paint the change collage

The campaign uses the hashtags #EducationIsNotACrime and #PaintTheChange and it’s seeing a lot of global success and exposure!

You can check out all the cool artwork being done and keep up to date with the campaign following Paint The Change on Instagram, and on the Education is Not a Crime Facebook page. Plus check out the official website for some background information and for a showcase of the awesome street art happening around the world.

Below are a few videos about the campaign:

Murals in the US shine a light on human rights in Iran

Posted by Al Jazeera America on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This Mural Raises Awareness About Iran's Human Rights Abuses

Artists are painting murals all over this city to show human rights abuses in Iran #PaintTheChange

Posted by NowThis on Friday, October 2, 2015

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  1. Beautiful paintings by good people. There is a little evil in the world and a lot of goodness. As Baha’is we are assured of glorious future for the mankind. Thank you to all you concerned people.

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