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Creative design has an important part to play in the Faith. There’s a small army of creative Baha’is who labour hard to communicate the message of the Faith on screen and paper. The Designing the Faith series showcases some of their ingenious work in film, fashion, the internet, architecture and more.

Let’s kick off this series with the moving picture. Films can tell stories; they can inspire; they can educate. So we’ll let them do the talking.


Swedish youth and Malaysian filmmakers Amy Lim and Roshan Ravi got together to bring back the light of the heart.

Each and Every One

A short story created by Behnood Dadfar to show how the action of an individual has the potential to make a difference.

United for Baha’i Human Rights

The Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights produced this terrific animation to raise awareness about the persecution of Baha’is in Iran.

Beyond King of the Mountain

In this thought-provoking documentary, South African filmmakers Leyla and Ryan Haidarian make a case for an evolution of democracy.

Direct Teaching: Plain and Simple

This short and sweet video by Golriz Lucina and Devon Gundry on direct teaching – how should we talk about the Baha’i Faith?

There are 26 more films and videos to see on the DesignTheFaith website, which showcases the creative minds of the Baha’i community. Can you think of instances where you have seen film being used effectively in the Baha’i context? Please share your links, experiences or any new ideas in the comments below – we’re eager to hear your thoughts!

About the Author

Neysan has a mission to help bring ingenious design to the Baha'i community. In his free time, he studies urban planning in the German capital.

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