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There’s a small army of creative Baha’is who labour hard to communicate the message of the Faith on screen and paper. The Designing the Faith series showcases some of their ingenious work in film, fashion, the internet, architecture and more.

When you’re inviting your neighbour’s kid to a children’s class, Comic Sans on coloured paper won’t instill a sense of trust in their mum. Your charming smile may, but a well-designed invitation will give you an extra edge to communicate confidence, experience, and maybe even joy and creativity.

In the fourth part of our Designing the Faith series, we look at outstanding examples of color on paper.

Children’s class invitation to the core activities by German Moritz Pommer


Poster invitation to junior youth groups by El Salvadorian Rene Lemus


May 2010 Cover of the Australian Baha’i Magazine by Australian William McGuire


Conference booklets by New Zealand’s Simeen Douglas


Pioneering Magazine by Australian Armon Rostami


Poster by Finnish Safa Hovinen


This invitation to a reflection meeting in Germany’s junior youth learning site is actually much based on a template that costs just $6. Sometimes it’s worth spending a couple of bucks to save time and get an good design on the road.

Looking for a designer in your community to help you out? Read and practice this supersimple beginner’s guide on the most basic rules of print design: Visual Mess.

There are 37 more magnificent examples of print design on the Design the Faith website – check it out!


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Neysan has a mission to help bring ingenious design to the Baha'i community. In his free time, he studies urban planning in the German capital.

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