Six Months of Baha’i Blog: Your Favourite Posts Are….

Having just passed the six-month milestone just days ago, we’ve decided that it’s time for another round-up of Baha’i Blog’s top 10 posts in the past three months! Before we get around to your favourite posts so far, here are some interesting stats of where we’re at.

As of now, we have:

  • 43,195 pageviews to date
  • 970 followers on Facebook (and we’re gonna be doing something pretty cool when we hit 1000 – stay tuned to find out more!)
  • readers from 171 countries out of the world’s 196 (up from 129 countries just three months ago)!

The top 10 posts on Baha’i Blog based on our stats were….

#10: The NSA of UK Responds to Unrest in England

In this article, Leva looks at the NSA of UK’s reponse to the recent unrest in England and offers a spiritual perspective on these events. This post also includes a link to download a copy of the response by the NSA of the UK to the social unrest in the UK.


#9: Changeless Faith: The Martyrdom of the Bab and Jesus Christ

In this article commemorating the Martyrdom of the Bab, Shamim Bina looks at the numerous similarities in the lives, ministries and events surrounding the martyrdom of the Bab and Jesus.



#8: What Makes a Person Great: A Tribute to Dr Khan

In this beautiful tribute to the late Dr Khan, Michael Day reflects the qualities that truly make a person “great”: a commitment to the understanding and implementation of principles that will benefit humanity.



#7: The Prayer Book

When I became Baha’i, the concept of reading revealed prayers, rather than praying spontaneously, was entirely foreign to me. This post contains my reflections on the power and beauty of the prayers revealed by Baha’u’llah, ‘Abdu’l-Baha and the Bab.


#6: Baha’i Blog’s Trivia Quiz on the Bab

We Baha’is sure like our trivia! If you haven’t already taken this fun quiz, it’s a great way to test how much you know about the life of the Bab.



#5: Designing the Faith: Architechture

My personal favourite of Neysan Mehrabkhani’s  awesome Designing the Faith Series, which features some of the amazing creative design work Baha’is around the world are producing. This post looks at Baha’i architecture and the concept of embodying spiritual principles in the physical structure of a building.


#4: 3 Problems with Religion… and Solutions!

We often hear people complain that religion is outdated and problematic. Being the only religious person at a dinner party with my self-proclaimed “militant atheist” friends made me realise just how much I – surprisingly – agree with them! The solution? Progressive revelation and the renewal of religion!


#3: Common Questions: What Proof is there that God Exists?

What proof is there that God exists? In this fantastic article, Natalie Peach bravely takes on one of the most difficult questions that we often grapple with, as Baha’is talking to our non-religious friends, and offers some profound insights on the concept of spiritual proofs.


#2: Top 10 Signs You Are a Baha’i

Okay. So, technically, this isn’t a post from the past 3 months. But even though it’s an old post, it’s still right up there on our list of most popular posts with countless people googling “Top 10 Signs You Are a Baha’i” or some variation of those words to find this fantastic classic! And who can blame them? Rereading this post a good 6 months after our very own Collis Ta’eed first put it forward for publication, I’m still laughing! It’s great to see so many other Baha’is all over the world enjoying it just as much!


And with a whopping 1,208 pageviews and an overwhelming response through Facebook and comments, the highest-read post on Baha’i Blog this quarter was Naysan Naraqi’s beautiful and moving tribute to his late father, and his reflections on his father’s legacy of love, compassion and service.

#1: In Memory of My Father: Sirus Naraqi


On behalf of the Baha’i Blog team, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful readers for the support. I’d like to especially thank all the other guest writers who’ve contributed to Baha’i Blog in the past three months who we haven’t been able to individually mention here, whose amazing articles have also been incredibly popular and well-received by our readers!  We’ve had an amazing six months and we hope you have too!

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen on Baha’i Blog so far, we’d love to hear more from you – comment,  email or like our Facebook Page! Please feel free to share any thoughts or feedback that you might have and please do contact us if you’d like to get involved or contribute!

Until then, happy reading!


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