What’s Your Calling? Layli Miller-Muro and Human Rights

When race riots erupted in her high school, Layli Miller-Muro took what would be the first steps towards becoming a force for change in immigration and the laws protecting women and girls.

Her journey from being a self-described low performer at school to representing in the Matter of Kasinga, a high-profile case that set national precedent and revolutionized asylum law in the United States, is documented in a wonderful video interview that you can watch below.

Layli Miller-Muro from Bahai.us on Vimeo.

Today Layli is the executive director and founder of the Tahirih Justice Centre, a non-profit organisation which provides free legal services to women and girls who are fleeing human rights abuses.

The video interview is just one of over 50 videos that the Baha’i Community of the USA has put up online. This particular interview is also a part of the What’s Your Calling project which highlights people and their stories on finding their calling.

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  1. What a profoundly beautiful question:” what’s your calling?” very moving 🙂 thank you Layli! Thanks Collis for writing this article!

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