New New Zealand Baha’i Website Launched

New Zealand Baha'i WebsiteThe Bahá’is of New Zealand have launched a new website for the friends and members of the wider community to access.

The chic new look came in mid 2012 and has drastically improved the accessibility of information and Baha’i activities that are happening in New Zealand. On the home page for example, there are quick links to read a few simple prayers, how to become a Baha’i or even how to go about attending a Bahá’í event.

It features a few tabs to direct people more accurately to where they need to go which increases useability, as well as a few profiles of some Bahá’is living in New Zealand to increase the personality of the page. Also featured on the site is a lot of cool information about the history of the faith in New Zealand.

Overall, I quite like the appearance and really think the Maori patterns are a nice touch, along with the colour scheme. It just makes the whole page very easy on the eyes, and its instant accessibility is a bonus!

So check it out, and make sure to refer all your ‘kiwi’ friends to the new and improved site!

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Muji is a 5th year medical student studying at the University of Melbourne. He enjoys gaming and sports.

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  1. What good timing as I am going to New Zealand in 10 days time so will be able to contact other Baha’is. Thanks and good bright web site

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