Baha’i Blog: Writers Wanted

Over the past 18 months, Baha’i Blog has grown, with people from all parts of the world reading and contributing to the blog. And now, we’re looking for new contributors and writers to join our team!

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or an inexperienced newbie, we would love to have you on board, so if you’re interested in trying your hand at Baha’i blogging then we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve also managed to get some funding (limited, however, as we run as a not-for-profit!) so once you’ve had your first article published on Baha’i Blog, you will be eligible to receive US$60 for each additional post of yours that gets published on the blog.

Interested in writing for us? Keep reading!

What are we looking for?

You don’t have to have lots of writing experience. We’re looking for people who are interested in sharing their knowledge and perspectives about the Faith, be it through addressing common questions asked about the Faith or sharing their reflections on different aspects of Baha’i life.

The content has to be original (i.e. hasn’t been published before), and articles are generally about 1,000 words in length (though this can include quotes).

You will be assigned an editor who will work with you throughout the writing and editing process to help you to formulate a direction for the post and to produce the finished piece within a set deadline.

What is in it for you?

Working on Baha’i Blog is a lot of fun and we have a great team of people working with us to create an interesting and useful blog about the Baha’i Faith that is accessible internationally.

The blog started out as a one-stop information source for all things of interest to Baha’is from around the world, but it has also increasingly become a resource for many of our friends from the wider community who are looking for more information about the Baha’i Faith online and are coming across our articles.

Contributing to the blog is a great way to address the need to increase the amount of accurate and reliable information about the Faith available online. It’s also a great starting point for those of you who are interested in starting your own blog but are a bit daunted by the prospect of maintaining a blog.

There are so many topics that you can choose to write about that will be appreciated by readers from all over the world – whether you want to share resources that you’ve come across or your thoughts on any contemporary issue from a Baha’i perspective. The opportunity to engage with readers from all over the world and to deepen on a topic as you write about it means that blogging for us will be a rewarding and enriching experience!


If you’d like to write for us, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pitch your idea to us. Tell us what you’re interested in writing about, why you think it’s an important/interesting topic and what approach your article will take to addressing the topic. (If you have more than one idea of articles you might be interested in writing, feel free to share them too!)
  2. Send us the first 1-2 paragraphs of your planned article (it can be short and just a draft!), as well as any other article/blog post samples you might have already published.
Handy tips:
  • It’s worth checking Baha’i Blog to see if we’ve already covered the topic. You can write about a similar topic but you have to make sure it’s from a new angle! We can help you out with this when you pitch your ideas to us.
  • Make sure that your article focuses on just one or two points that readers can take away from. Keep it simple and focused! Remember, it’s not about ‘you’, it’s about the topic.

Send your idea, along with any other writing samples you have to: [email protected]

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

About the Author

When she isn't pretending to be Dr. Karl Kennedy (her hero) she enjoys chasing after the sun, cooking, eating and telling everyone she’s going to start being healthy by playing tennis. Roya loves to know what’s going on in all parts of the globe (to aid in her hobby of chasing the sun), so she's really excited to manage Baha'i Blog's Events Calendar.

Discussion 7 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I would be happy to submit my posts. Here is the address to my blog. I am currently doing a series of posts linking chapters from Rupert Sheldrake’s “Science Delusion” to Baha’i themes.

    with Baha’i love,

    Peter Bruce

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your offer and support ! I will take a look at your blog and get back to you re possible posts.
      Thanks again !

  2. I am a Bahai writer and editor. I am currently in Uganda and have been sending missives to my Bahai friends and would be glad to send them to you for consideration.

    How do I submit?

    1. Hi Eillen,
      Thanks for your enquiry . If you could send me an email (the address is at the end of the post above ) and we can take it from there ! I’d be happy to discuss post topics or read articles that you have already written.
      Thanks again!

  3. Alláh-u-Abhá! Are you still looking for writers? I am interested and would be very happy to submit an idea in the format you requested, but want to be sure you are still adding new writers.

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