Baha’i Blog Quiz: Ayyam-i-Ha

As Baha’is around the world gather together to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha, the team at Baha’i Blog would like to wish all of our readers a very happy Ayyam-i-Ha!

There are a whole bunch of different ways to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha, and one fun activity which the team at Baha’i Blog really enjoys are Baha’i quizzes!

Quizzes are a great activity to do with your friends and your community, so we’ve prepared a simple quiz about Ayyam-i-Ha for you all to enjoy!

Go ahead, take the Ayyam-i-Ha quiz and see how you do!

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Naysan is the editor of Baha'i Blog and he has worked in various avenues of media for two decades. He’s passionate about using the arts and media to support and explore the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and he has produced and collaborated on popular music projects like the "DawnBreaker Collective" and the successful Ruhi-inspired sequence of "MANA" albums. His experience as a producer for CNN was invaluable while working on a number of special projects for the Baha’i World Centre, including the "Building Momentum" and "Pilgrimage: A Sacred Experience" videos. If there’s a media-related Baha’i project out there, chances are that Naysan was involved with it somehow!

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  1. The Jewish calendar has an intercalary month (inserted every two or three years in a pattern that cycles every 19 years).

  2. I guessed that Baha’u’llah introduced the Badi calendar. It was The Bab. Badi was the first martyr. Duhhhhhduhduh.
    Happy Ayyam-i-Ha! 9/10

  3. Great idea and fun Quiz. Question #2 is tricky with its wording…humbling for this veteran Baha’i. Loved learning the meaning of Ha, and that Baha’u’llah gave Ayyam-i-Ha its title.

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