Baha’i Blog Quiz: Naw-Ruz

Naw-Ruz has arrived, and the team at Baha’i Blog has come up with ten questions to test your knowledge of this Baha’i holy day.

Go ahead, take the Naw-Ruz quiz and see how you do!

If you don’t manage to get 100%, don’t fret. There’s always next year!

Feel free to familiarise yourselves with Naw-Ruz through these articles below – or see how you go without reading through them first.

1) A Time For Renewal

2) Is Naw-Ruz an Iranian Holiday or a Baha’i Holy Day?

3) Naw-Ruz: Spiritual Springtime

But most importantly, the team at Baha’i Blog would like to wish you all a very happy Naw-Ruz!

About the Author

Muji is a 5th year medical student studying at the University of Melbourne. He enjoys gaming and sports.

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  1. Hi Muji,
    thanks for your quiz and hope you make some harder ones for us,
    Waki in Alice Springs (say Hi to your Mum)

  2. as there are two hemispheres to our globe, those in the northern hemisphere experience the vernal equinox (spring) on March 21st, and those in the southern hemisphere experience the autumnal equinox. it is therefore not correct to state that for Bahais Naw Ruz equates to the season of spring, since it is celebrated every year in the southern hemisphere on March 21st, the beginning of autumn. the metaphor of it being like “spiritual springtime” is understood but any physical descriptions should distinguish which equinox is being experienced.

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