19 Additional Youth Conferences Announced

During the 11th International Convention, the Universal House of Justice announced plans to hold an additional 19 Youth Conferences to the already planned 95 Youth Conferences taking place this year worldwide.

In a letter addressed to the Baha’i world on May 1st, 2013, The Universal House of Justice wrote:

“So overwhelming has been the response of the Baha’i youth and their friends―indeed, of Baha’i communities worldwide―to the announcement of 95 conferences to be convened around the world between July and October, that existing arrangements now seem unlikely to accommodate the number of youth wishing to attend, and it is apparent that a further complement of gatherings is therefore required.”

The additional 19 conferences will be held in the following locations: 

  1. Bertoua
  2. Bidor
  3. Biratnagar
  4. Brisbane
  5. Cagayan de Oro
  6. Georgetown (Guyana)
  7. Houston
  8. Kampong Thorn
  9. Kigoma
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Mahikeng
  12. Milne Bay
  13. Minneapolis
  14. Montreal
  15. Nuku’alofa
  16. Nundu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  17. Seattle
  18. Vientiane
  19. Washington, D.C.

In the initial letter announcing the 95 Youth Conferences, the Universal House of Justice encouraged everyone’s support by saying:

And from Baha’is of all ages, we invite wholehearted support for the participants upon whose efforts so much depends.

The team at Baha’i Blog hopes to see this support happen no matter how great or small, and don’t forget, there are a bunch of Facebook pages which are regularly updating details of the various conferences as they become known.

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  1. Very exciting news. It would be wonderful to see youth conferences happening every year around the world as communities develop further.

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