Beautiful Baha’i Stamps from Around the World

Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a philatelist or just enjoy exploring Baha’i history, you’ll be interested to see that there have been a variety of Baha’i stamps and postal items through history. Often celebrating Baha’i Houses of Worship, important Baha’i historical figures, or simply the Baha’i Faith itself, these items are certain to be staples of Baha’i philatelic collections for years to come.

We’ve collected a few beautiful stamps and artefacts to get you started below, but the real collection is hosted over at Baha’i Library. Thanks to the work of Tooraj Enayati there’s a great set of resources including Postal Stamps, Postal Stationery, Postal Items featuring Baha’i Personalities, and other Items of Significance.

There’s also a recently created Baha’i Philatelic group on Facebook and if you’re in the market for something wearable, you can even find Baha’i stamps used in jewellery at 95 Prayers.

Panama Postcard and Stamp

Titled “Freedom of Worship”, this stamp was part of a 1983 series showcasing religious temples, mosques and of course the Baha’i House of Worship

‘World Religion Day’ Stamp

This Sri Lankan stamp dating back to 1985 celebrated World Religion Day and features iconography and imagery from many of the World’s great religions.

Baha’i Postage Stamp from Trinidad and Tobago

Part of a 1992 series honouring the Inter-Religious Organization, the Baha’i stamp sat alongside stamps commemorating Trinidad and Tobago’s major religions: Christianity, Baptists, Islam, Hinduism (and the Baha’i Faith).

The Terrace Gardens of the Shrine of the Bab

Complete with decorative bottom marginal tabs, this stamp (shown in its official first day cover) showcases the Terrace Gardens in Haifa.

Israel & France Joint Issue Stamp

Commemorating the first flight between France and Israel in 1948, and issued sixty years later in 2008, this stamp was part of a pair, each of which was issued in duplicate for the two countries.

New Delhi Diamond Jubilee

Issued in 1991, these Indian commemorative stamps feature the Baha’i ‘Lotus Temple’ House of Worship in New Delhi.

Robert Hayden Baha’i Poet

Issued in 2012 by the United States Postal Service, this stamp featuring the first African-America Poet Laureate Robert Hayden, was part of a series honouring American poets.

If you enjoyed these stamps, don’t forget to visit Baha’i Library to view more wonderful philatelic memorabilia.


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  3. Beautiful collection, nice job.

    A stamp of MAHVASH SABET, one of the YARAN ( 7 Bahai leaders in prison ),issued by postal authorities of Netherland ,is missing from this collection. You can get it from NSA of Netherland. Please contact me if any help needed.

    Warmst Bahai greetings from Brazil

  4. I have a copy of the beautiful Trinidadian Holy Year, and many from the Guyana NSA… but the Guyana one has text only that is Bahai …the art is just flowers from prints.
    Will send a photo if you are interested

  5. It is delightful to see that religion freedom around the world can celebrate the contributions of the Baha’i Faith!

  6. The Postal authorities of Switzerland have issued a stamp with the portrait of psychiatrist Auguste Forel, (one of the fuirst Baha’is of the Alpine country) to whom ‘Abdu’l-Baha addressed His famous Letter in answer to his questions regarding the existence of God. You may obtain a copy from the NSA of Switzerland [email protected]

  7. Hi,
    I have a collection of Baha’i stamps on my instegram account (bahai_stamps) if anyone wants to trade with stamps not in my collection plz DM me
    Regards from Oman

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