10 Great Articles About the Baha’i Fast for You to Read

10 Great Articles for You to Use About the Baha’i Fast
The Baha’i Fast is always a time when we get a lot of questions from our friends and colleagues about why we fast and what the Baha’i Fast is all about, so I thought it would be useful to put together a list of 10 articles available online, each related to the Baha’i Fast in some way, which may help you in your personal deepening and discussions, and which you can share with others who may be interested.

So here’s the list of 10 articles in no particular order:

1. The Baha’i Fast… Slowly

Rainn Wilson 100x125In this great article on bahaiteachings.org, Baha’i actor Rainn Wilson shares his personal take on fasting and shares his own experiences as a Baha’i during the fast in a funny and informative way.

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2. The Baha’i Fast

The Baha'i Fast 150x100 In this great artcile by Sara Mazloum Ferdowsi on Baha’i Blog, Sara gives a great overview of what the Baha’i Fast is and what it’s all about.

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3. The Baha’i Fast

Bahai Topics Fasting 255x90This article from the ‘Baha’i Topics‘ section of the bahai.org site (the official site of the Baha’i International Communinty) is a short and sweet half page post about the Baha’i Fast based mainly on the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi.
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4. 4 Things The Fast Helps Us Strengthen

4 Things Fasting Helps Us Strengthen 150x109This Baha’i Blog article looks at how fasting is a great opportunity for us to actually exercise and strengthen our ‘spiritual muscles’, and it lists four of the ‘spiritual muscles’ the fast helps us strengthen. It’s actually been one of Baha’i Blog’s most popular posts.

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5. The Power of Baha’i Fasting

BeliefNet 150x73In this wonderful artcile on beliefnet.com, Sherna Hough Deamer shares her personal experience of how with a few changes to her daily routine and a lot of prayer, she’s found a powerful grace in the Baha’i month of fasting.

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6. Fasting in Other Religions

Fasting in Other Religions 150x100Okay so this is not directly Baha’i related, but considering the fact that it’s important for us to understand that fasting is also observed in various ways by other religions and belief systems as it all comes from the same divine source, this Baha’i Blog article takes a brief look at how some of these other religions and belief systems practice fasting.
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7. How to Eat During the Baha’i Fast

Susan Gammage 100x129In this interesting post about the Baha’i Fast, Susan Gammage gives readers a rundown of things we can do to prepare ourselves both physically and spiritually for the month of fasting.

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8. Fasting: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Fasting Spring Cleaning for the SoulIn this great reflective and informative article about the Baha’i Fast, David Langness looks at the spiritual significance of what fasting is really all about.

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9. 5 Tips for a Healthy Happy Fast (the comments are great!)

5 Tips for a Healthy Happy Fast 150x82In this Baha’i Blog article Collis puts some thought into the material aspects of fasting and asks readers to share their tips. Have a read through the ‘Comments’ section of the article, there’s some great discussion there.

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10. Nineteen Days: Reflections on the Baha’i Fast

Nineteen Days 150x94This pinboard on Pinterest by Nineteen Days is full of really great images, quotes, videos and articles about the 19 day Baha’i Fast. There’s something here for everyone so it’s definitely worth checking out!

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Okay so that’s it for now and I hope you’ve found these articles helpful!

Happy fasting everyone!

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