Is a party a party without booze? – #TalkAboutIt

While Australians may be some of the world’s biggest drinkers, there are of course those who never have a drop of alcohol at all. It’s often for religious or cultural reasons. But with so many of the social activities closely linked with alcohol in Australia – what’s it like? And is there a pressure to drink?

In this clip from ‘Talk About It’ on ABC NEWS 24, the show’s host Del Irani visits a dinner party at Vahid Master’s place, an Australian Baha’i living in Melbourne, Australia, to discuss the pressures of drinking.

If you’re based in Australia, you can watch the full episode here on ABC iView: #Talk About It: Series 4 Ep.1

You may also be interested in these two Baha’i Blog posts about alcohol called: Why Baha’is Don’t Drink Alcohol – A Health Perspective, and Why Baha’is Don’t Drink Alcohol – A Social Perspective.

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