Reach Out: A New Album by Karim Rushdy

Best known for being one half of the Baha’i hip-hop and RnB duo Nabil & Karim, Canadian-based rapper and producer Karim Rushdy has released a new solo album containing 14 tracks that are sure to get you talking about positive change in the world!

Karim introduces his new album by saying:

It is inevitable that life will throw challenges our way. what’s important is how we chose to deal with our struggle – whatever that may be. I believe that we are all noble beings with infinite potential, we just get bogged down by so many distractions that it sometimes feels impossible to change. This album attempts to capture those trans-formative moments where hopelessness becomes courage, and a pebble becomes a pearl. My hope is that by listening to this, you will be reminded of what you struggle with, yet be inspired by the greatness that you inherently possess to rise above whatever situation you’re in and Reach Out to help someone else in need.

I decided to catch up with Karim and ask him a few more questions about his new album Reach Out:

Baha’i Blog: So what was the main idea about this album Karim? What message were you trying to get across?

The main idea and theme behind this album has always been to spark conversation between those who listen and their circles of friends and family about it’s various themes and topics.

Baha’i Blog: You feature a lot of others on your tracks. Why did you feel it was important to do this, and what sort of dynamic does this lend to the album?

I was getting tired of my own voice and decided to collaborate with as many people as possible. The dynamic changed drastically since the Wide Awake album one year earlier. I feel that the songs are more lively and each theme presents more than one perspective, almost like a conversation.

ReachOut Karim Rushdy 450x450Baha’i Blog: How has the album been received so far?

So far the response has been wildly confirming and I am already working on the next album!

Baha’i Blog: What was the process of making this album like for you personally? I know from a previous conversation we had, that there was a lot of soul searching involved.

Yes. The soul search is a permanent one! Personally this album changed the way I look at making musical projects. The maximum collaboration thing is incredibly inspiring.

Baha’i Blog: You work with a lot of junior youth and youth in your job and as a volunteer. Can you tell me what kind of effect this has on you and your creative work? Also, why do you think working with young people is so important?

Old people are where it’s at, but young people are the future. I say this because I feel that our society has forgotten the wisdom and guidance available to us in our elders. That being said, young people are also where it’s at because when they are inspired nothing will stop them from reaching their goal.

Baha’i Blog: What do you hope people walk away with once they’ve heard your album?

Conversation starters. Dialogue affects thoughts, thoughts affect reality.

Baha’i Blog: Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d like to share love and good positive vibes with everyone!

Baha’i Blog: Congratulations on the new album Karim, and thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can purchase physical or digital copies of Karim Rushdy’s new album Reach Out (and his other albums) from his website here.

I also highly recommend you check out Karim’s page on his website about his track called Take A Look, where he ‘takes a look’ and explores things like materialism and the power of media. Check it out here.

Finally, a special shout-out goes to Gabriel Frith who did the album artwork and the header image we used above.

Lastly, you can watch Baha’i Blog’s interview with Nabil & Karim here: Baha’i Blog Interviews Nabil & Karim

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  1. Love this album!! Favorite song is “mmmhmm” :). I love blasting it in my car, always brings a smile to my face!

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