Baha’i Naw-Ruz Celebrations on Swiss TV (in Swiss German)

It’s great to see how the Baha’i Faith is being covered in different parts of the world, and on a Swiss National Television (SRF) show called “Bilder Zum Feiertag”, which means “Impressions of the Holy Day” in German, they did an episode on the Baha’i Naw-Ruz celebrations in Zurich, Switzerland in 2015.

The TV show is in Swiss German, so if you don’t speak Swiss German then you won’t really understand much, but it uses a host from a different religion to capture the event of a holy day celebration of a different religion through their own eyes, and in this episode, a Buddhist named Tenzin Khangsar visited the March 21, 2015 “Naw Ruz“, (or New Year) celebration of the Baha’is in Zurich.

You can visit the official website of the Baha’is of Switzerland here:

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