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A big part of our mission here at Baha’i Blog is to showcase and highlight the amazing Baha’i projects and work going on around the world. That’s why a year ago we broadened our site with a gallery of great Baha’i-related video, and then this year we added a showcase of Baha’i-inspired music and audio. Today we’re excited to launch yet another new part of the site.

Baha’i Blog Images features photos, wallpapers, design, art and other imagery. We’ll be publishing photographic portfolios from talented Baha’i creators, historic and event related images, evocative art and design, and of course pictures of beautiful Baha’i architecture, plus lots more!

Beautiful Baha’i Quotes

We’ve kicked off the new section with a new Image post to get things started featuring Beautiful Baha’i Quotes in Pictures – Edition #1. Head on over! We hope you’ll enjoy and support this new part of Baha’i Blog as we have much more in store, and in the meantime you’ll find some of our previous popular image posts now all in one convenient place.

Submitting Images

We’re on the look out for amazing images to feature. We’d love to hear from Baha’i photographers, designers and creators. Because images will be published, we’re going to be very curated about what gets featured.

We’re looking for images that are clearly visually related to Baha’i subjects, in particular photo series of important Baha’i events, activities and communities from around the world, graphic design for Baha’i events and activities, and art depicting Baha’i subject matter.

If you have images you’d like to share, email us to discuss!

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