Introducing “Creative Ideas” – A New Series on Baha’i Blog’s YouTube Channel

With all the activities going on in the Baha’i world, one of the things we really hope to achieve here at Baha’i Blog is to help serve as a resource for Baha’is and their friends, and that’s one of the reasons we launched our very own YouTube channel.

Our first series of videos on Baha’i Blog’s YouTube channel are called Studio Sessions, and the series has been extremely popular and is being met with a lot of support and enthusiasm – so thank you everyone!

Over the years we’ve had a lot of people asking us to help them with ideas of games or arts-and-crafts they can use for their children’s classes, holy days, or other Baha’i-inspired activities, so now that Studio Sessions is well underway, we’re now launching a new series called “Creative Ideas” to help with just that.

“Creative Ideas” is a new video series where we show you how to play or create a variety of games and arts-and-crafts for you to use in your activities.

In this “Creative Ideas” video below, Rayan shows us how to make a flower made of paper. Baha’u’llah teaches us that we are all like the flowers of one garden, so you can create with your kids a whole bunch of different colored paper flowers to add to your own garden in order to demonstrate this.

We really hope you enjoy this new series, and be sure to Subscribe to Baha’i Blog’s YouTube Channel to be notified of new videos like this one.

Now click on the play button to watch the video!

About the Author

Naysan is the editor of Baha'i Blog and he has worked in various avenues of media for two decades. He’s passionate about using the arts and media to support and explore the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and he has produced and collaborated on popular music projects like the "DawnBreaker Collective" and the successful Ruhi-inspired sequence of "MANA" albums. His experience as a producer for CNN was invaluable while working on a number of special projects for the Baha’i World Centre, including the "Building Momentum" and "Pilgrimage: A Sacred Experience" videos. If there’s a media-related Baha’i project out there, chances are that Naysan was involved with it somehow!

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    1. These are simply beautiful tools to help in children classes. A great service that will enhance children classes …

      It would be great if you can add skits on virtues and stories from the Baha’i Faith

      You are adorable


      Abbas Amreliwalla

  1. Naysan, I tried to subscirbe to the Baha’i Blog You Tube video, but the message “server not found” keeps popping up. How can I subscribe? I have some ideas for videos for making Baha’i crafts if you’re interested.

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