Iranian Revolutionary Justice [BBC Documentary]

A new BBC documentary called “Iranian Revolutionary Justice” (عدالت انقلابى – مستند), containing previously unseen footage of the 1981 trial of members of the governing body of the Baha’i community has been broadcast for the first time. The members that appear in this footage were executed shortly after the trial by a firing squad. The documentary was recently broadcast in English on BBC World News and in Persian on BBC Persian.


After Iran’s Islamic Revolution secretive courts were set up to try suspected ideological opponents of the regime, with no jury, no defence lawyers and often no evidence beyond a confession extracted from the defendant by means of torture. Those who survived them still bear the psychological scars today. In this new film, BBC Persian has been talking to people who have passed through the courts over the past thirty years, as well as to their families, to lawyers and human rights activists.

You can read the Baha’i World News Service article regarding this documentary here.

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