Voices of the Baha’is of Lubumbashi, Congo

From the Congo and the bright heart of Africa we share with you a music video featuring the Bahai’s from Lubumbashi, Congo.

The song is called “L’Opportunite de Servir” which is French for “The Opportunity to Serve”.

Here are the lyrics in French and the English translation below it:



Ce monde est rempli des calamités, et préjugés, inégalités, médisances et mensonges.

Alors jeunes du monde, profitons pour marquer le temps pour l’avenir de demain;

Il suffit d’un geste, un acte et notre bonne volonté;

Tout peut changer !

Refrain: L’opportunité de servir, saisissons cette chance;

Il ne reste plus qu’à se lever et se mettre au service de la communauté,

Nous avons l’opportunité de servir, saisissons cette chance,

Il ne reste plus qu’à se lever et tout donner. (2X)

Ne perdons pas le temps dans de futilités, discussions inutiles, et autres;

Mais plutôt comment servir la communauté.

Nous, espoirs de demain, saisissons cette chance pour marquer le temps et assurer le lendemain;

Il suffit d’un geste, un acte et notre bonne volonté;

Tout peut changer !

(Répéter le Refrain)

Le Messager du temps nous prêche que l’unité,

Mais j’ai plutôt de la peine quand je vois tout ce peuple divisé!

Alors jeunes du monde levons l’étendard de l’unité;

Jeunes Baha’is, Jeunes Chrètiens, Musulmans et Bouddhistes,

Ils n’attendent que nous, que nous !

(Répéter le Refrain)



This world is filled with calamities and prejudices, inequalities, slanders (gossiping) and lies.

So young people of the world, take this opportunity to mark time for the future (of tomorrow); It requires just a gesture, an act and our goodwill;

Everything can change!

Chorus: An opportunity to serve, let’s seize this chance;

We just have to get up and be at the service of the community,

We have the opportunity to serve, let’s seize this chance,

We just have to get up and give everything. (2X)

Let’s not waste time in futilities, useless discussions, and others;

But rather how to serve the community.

We, tomorrow’s hopes, let’s take this opportunity to mark the time and make the next day.

It requires just a gesture, an act and our goodwill;

Everything can change!

(Repeat Chorus)

The Messenger of the time preaches us about unity,

But I rather feel sad when I see all these people divided!

So young people of the world, let’s raise the banner of unity;

Young Baha’is, young Christians, Muslims and Buddhists,

They are awaiting us, only us!

(Repeat Chorus)


About the Author

Laura Friedmann

Through 15 years of experience, Laura has honed a growing repertoire as a producer and media artist. Her media skills include film production, video editing and photography and as a producer she has led numerous creative projects, as well as managed and organized small and large scale events. Laura also helps deliver content to audiences through compelling and effective digital strategies including marketing approaches through design and web products. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada with her two children.

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Discussion 17 Comments

  1. I lived in Brazzaville for two years in the 60’s – most wonderful time of my life – knew Mr. Azimikah, pioneer, very well. Met Ola Pavlowska, pioneer sent by Shoghi Effendi, several times in Libreville. She told me many stories about how she survived terrible riots in Congo at that time and how Shoghi Effendi appeared to her in a dream and held her in his arms. Your music, your voices, your youth are the seeds of her pioneer work over so many years. Bless you all. Deepest love, Maureen

  2. Just simply loved you all. You are the bright stars of that promised day of the faith. Go strong, keep United, you make us all proud. Thank-you!

  3. Dear Friends,

    This video has moved me to tears, where can I get the exact lyrics and sheet music (if possible?)


    1. Dear Lydia, the choir doesn’t have a director as such. It’s just a group of youth who had decided to get together to praise Baha’u’llah through music and use it as a teaching tool.
      I can connect you with them and share more information if needed.
      You can send me an email; [email protected] 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Naysan for sharing this moving song. Took me back to my younger days singing in the choir in Lubumbashi. So heartwarming to see how far they have come! May Baha’u’llah continue to assist the children and youth there to spread His teachings!

  5. Allah’u’Abha, je viens d’arriver à Brazzaville, je voudrais rencontrer les amis Baha’is, je suis de Niamey au Niger, merci de m’aider à continuer ma progression dans la foi baha’is

  6. My wife and I listens to this pretty often. Bring lightness of being and a smile. How can I get the full lyrics in both French and English?
    Much appreciation for all involved with that fabulous video.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for noticing the full lyrics were missing. We have edited the text and you should find them there now.

      Many thanks!

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