WHAT’S THAT WORD? | Episode 1

Welcome to WHAT’S THAT WORD, Baha’i Blog’s new video series. We often encounter unfamiliar words in the Bahai Writings and it can sometimes be very awkward. This video series was created as an ode to those moments, by taking tricky words from the Baha’i Writings and explaining them in an accessible way. Simultaneously, the show will entertain you with lighthearted comedy, as you gain invaluable knowledge.

All the examples quoted are referenced from the Baha’i Library and can be found online by searching the phrases.

WHAT’S THAT WORD is Presented by Jordan Raj (@jrnwfire)

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  1. Wonderful. God richly bless you for assisting the friends to read the writings of the beloved Guardian. Only they provide the guidance to assist the believers to understand what is happening in the world at this time.
    Please friend me on Facebook.

    Also I have several blogs you might be interested in. If you will Google
    Baha’i storytelling
    – mine is the first one that comes up. There is a link to my other blogs in the table of contents on that site. I also have some stories about early believers I net, who met the Guardian and the Master, on the YouTube channel of Nabil Moghaddam.
    Great work!
    And I have a question for you. Guess how many pages of the Writings of Baha’u’llah you would need to read every day, if you wanted to read all of His writings that we have in the English language in one year. Just guess a number and message me back.
    [email protected]
    Your brother

  2. Thanks for the series and humor and encouragement.

    One recommendation would be to help with the pronunciation and explanation of Arabic and Persian words, like Mashriqul-Adhkar or Sidratu’l-Muntahá.

    English words are easy enough to look up. Yet having a better understanding and context for the Arabic/Persian references would be greatly helpful.

    For example: http://www.bahaiglossary.org

  3. Jordan,
    Loved this first episode so much and am looking forward to the second one. Enjoyed your style and humour. I could easily have sat through 95 words!

  4. This was great Jordan,it was not long drawn and had a great humour and to have the explanation of the words were great! Looking forward to the next few words!!!!

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