Baha’i Blog Quiz: Baha’i Basics (Part 1)

We haven’t had a Baha’i Blog Quiz for a while, and are excited to be back with some fun trivia! In this week’s quiz we invite you to test your knowledge with some Baha’i basics. Take the quiz and brush up on some interesting facts about the Faith’s Central Figures, teachings, institutions, and general history.

Enjoy the quiz and let us know how you did in the ‘Comments’ section below. And stay tuned because part 2 will be coming soon!

Don’t forget that these quizzes are a great resource for community activities as well, so feel free to use them and share them with your friends and the community.

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    1. Congratulations on being a Baha’i for 60 years!

      Much love from the Netherlands <3

  1. ? I thought I was going to the quiz but this came up? What did I miss clicking? Shirlie

    PS I”, thinking of sending this to the teachers of the older kids. Does it go to phones? Games? ??

  2. Same with me: I feel as a Bahá’í since 1952, when my mother became a Bahá’í!
    Very well done. Thank you!

    in Germany

  3. I scored 100% but I have been trying to be a Baha’i for many years so I should know these facts! Thank you very much I will definitly use this and other qiuzes in our gatherings

  4. It was a very easy test. I think that all Baha’is should ace it. I am going to send you a quiz which will have trick questions and will be more challenging. It was a good start to encourage interest.

  5. I scored 100% but was nervous with each question that I might be a bit too rusty.
    Just a reminder that I need to buckle down and study more.

    Thanks, it was fun.

      1. Allahuabha dear … thank you very much for the lovely quizzes… I wish you make an app and have different levels and include quizzes on the new UHJ messages … thanks again and again and again

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