12 Photos of Africa’s Extraordinary Baha’i Temple in Uganda

For more than fifty years, the Baha’i House of Worship in Kampala, Uganda, has been in the Guardian’s words, ‘the spiritual heart of Africa’. It was built in the first decade of Uganda’s Baha’i history, and has stood through the years of plenty, when the Baha’i community of Uganda grew to be the largest on the continent. In the 1970s a wave of Sub-Saharan countries banned the Baha’i Faith, including Uganda, under then rule Idi Amin, but this ban was rescinded in the following decade, and today Uganda is home to tens of thousands of Baha’is.

We’ve collected a dozen photos of the mother temple of Africa from Flickr and 500px, to give you a visual glimpse of this beautiful hub of Baha’i activity and worship.

Sky by Robert Onyango on 500px.com

BAHAI TEMPLE by Shremal Patel on 500px.com

Illuminate by Robert Onyango on 500px.com


the Baha'i Temple


Templos Bahá`ís en el Mundo

Baha'i House of Worship-Uganda

Templos Bahá`ís en el Mundo

Templos Bahá`ís en el Mundo




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  1. I look forward wholeheartedly. I Have given many years music lessons. But I was in church music until I worked until I was Baha i. After I have resigned from the church and the city theater. I wish you young people love and great fortune in the music. God will confirm you. But everything has to be brought with a lot of love for humanity, I wish you a nice weekend and you much success. Wunderschön!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I fast entered Baha’i in 2000 but It was so cool and beatiful was nice compound full of flowers

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