19 Inspiring Instagram Photos of the Chile Temple

With today’s technology it has been easy to feel part of the happy and historic dedication of the Mother Temple of South America. One way I’ve felt connected is though photos on Instagram so I’ve gathered together some of my favourite pictures of the House of Worship in Chile. They are from a variety of sources and offer multiple perspectives on this magnificent building and I hope you find them as beautiful as I do!

Ya a un día de su inauguración. #todosbienvenidos #bahai #casadeadoracion

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A very special day

A photo posted by Baha’i Faith (@bahai) on

A photo posted by Baha’i Faith (@bahai) on

These beautiful photos were received from @kamalpj. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

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Tune into the Live Dedication Ceremony of the Baha’i Temple! Link in our bio.

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today with around 5000 people from around the world, we celebrated…

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Camino al templo

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Something special….

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A mesmerizing transfer of light from the exterior of cast glass to an interior of translucent Portuguese marble.

A photo posted by Hariri Pontarini Architects (@hariripontariniarchitects) on


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Discussion 4 Comments

  1. hi
    Why there isn’t any photo showing the Baha’i Temple
    and the city of Santiago from the above.

    in Czech rep.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Keyvan! I have to admit, I simply chose photos that caught my eye and had not thought about including a picture of the Temple with views of Santiago. Including such a shot would be beautiful!

      Although it is not an Instagram photo, this video, if you have not seen it already, offers some wonderful footage taken by drone of the Temple from above and of Santiago:

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