Casa de Adoración Bahá'í de Sudamérica from Templo Bahá'í de Sudamérica on Vimeo.

The Baha’i Temple of South America – Breathtaking Interior Footage

This short film produced by Templo Baha’i de Sudamerica (Baha’i Temple of South America) offers a glimpse of the breathtaking and majestic interior of the Chile House of Worship. 

To watch the newsreels that document the House of Worship’s construction, in either English or Spanish, please visit the Vimeo channel of the Templo Baha’i de Sudamerica:

This Baha’i World News story describes how spirit and form fuse in Siamak Hariri’s design for the Chile temple and you can read about the public inauguration of the temple and its power to unite people in this story.


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  1. The number of videos about the Chile House of Worship is a bit overwhelming. Thank you, Sonjel, for curating this lovely sampling.

  2. We all have fallen in Love with the Light reflecting Temple. May it attract all creation of believer of God . Thank you can not stop playing it again and again.

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