How to Bridge Local to Global: Healing the Entire Being through Local Symptoms – A Talk by Deborah Walters

In this talk by Deborah Walters, How to Bridge Local to Global – Healing the Entire Being through Local Symptoms given at the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference (Phoenix, USA) in December, 2016, Deborah Walters explores the microcosm of the human body and its local symptoms and the macrocosm of the individual in the collective of humanity and the world of nature. 

Deborah Walters owns her own private international practice and serves locally at SUNU clinic in Minneapolis, USA. She specializes in mental and emotional health and skin disease as well as various physical illnesses. Her hallmark is getting to the core of the issue without losing sight of the whole picture, challenging your patterns of thinking and perceptions.

We’d like to thank the organizing committee of the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference and Deborah Walters for granting us permission to share this talk with you. You can find out more about this annual conference here on their website, or from this Baha’i Blog article about the conference.

If you’d like to know more about Deborah Walters, we encourage you to check out her website:

You can read Baha’i Blog’s interview with Deborah Walters here: The Supreme Remedy: A New Book about Fasting by Deborah Walters

Plus purchase a copy of her book The Supreme Remedy here on Amazon – it’s great!

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  1. I listened to this talk with an open soul and towards the end of it found myself in deep rivers of tears from the depths of my soul. A complexity of reasons, all gratitude to the Blessed Beauty; but, one of those streams of tears emerged from a depth of recognition of the times in which we live, and for the beloved community of the American Baha’is, who at this time in history, do have, all American Baha’is worldwide, a herculean effort to hold onto His cord and transform their inner beings to such a degree that is needed for the work today. The tears today were shed while imagining and listening to our speaker tell her story of being in the Shrine of Baha’u’llah.

    1. Thank you Barbra, for your very touching comment! We are humbled that sharing this talk moved you so deeply.

  2. Her talk is a Confirmation that God sees and answers all our prayers. Her talk also made me feel more empathy to those who have less in life or those who have bigger problems than me. Many thanks for sharing this.

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