7 Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions Based on the Writings of the Bab

In honour of the anniversary of the Birth of the Bab, we thought we’d showcase all of our Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions whose lyrics are based on His Writings. There are only seven, but they are mighty and powerful nevertheless! This short list both begins and ends with different melodies to one of my favourite prayers revealed by the Bab that begins “I adjure Thee by Thy might, O my God!”

You can find out more about Studio Session here, watch the Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions series here on our YouTube Channel, and listen and download the songs from our Soundcloud playlist.

If you’d like to know more about the Writings of the Bab, Baha’i Blog published an article called “The Bab’s Revelation” and we also wrote an introductory piece about the Bayan, the Mother Book of the Babi Dispensation.

We hope highlighting these songs in this manner helps you prepare for this joyous Holy Day!

1. “I Adjure Thee” by Shadi, Hoda & Leif

2. “Vaikeuksien Poistaja” by Alda, Elina & Annika

3. “Unto Thee I Repair for Refuge” by Rosalynd & Pascal

4. “O God My God” by Gary Sterling

5. “Is There Any Remover” by The Licata Brothers

6. “Say God Sufficeth” by Tom Francis

7. “I Adjure Thee by Thy Might” by David Khavari

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