33 Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions Based on the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha

In honour of the Day of the Covenant, we thought we’d highlight all of our Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions that put excerpts from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha to music. There are 33 songs so far and they are sung by individuals, family members, choirs, and a Junior Youth group! 

You can find out more about Studio Session here, watch the Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions series here on our YouTube Channel, and listen and download the songs from our Soundcloud playlist.

We hope highlighting these songs in this manner helps you prepare for this joyous Holy Day!

1. “Be a Baha’i” by the Joburg Baha’i Choir

2. “The Teacher” by Nadia Affolter

3. “Make This Youth Radiant” by Steve Zaat


4. “Educate These Children” by Erik Peterson


5. “O That I Could Travel” by Sarah & Nava



6. “Try with All your Hearts” by Stefan & Marie 


7. “O Thixo” by the Joburg Baha’i Choir

8. “Bless Thou the City of New York” by Bahia Marks


9. “Give Me Thy Grace” by Sara, Samira & Shayda


10. “The Balance” by Juliet & Amelia Rasekhy


11. “Make Them to Grow” by Sophie, Siria & Ashkan


12. “Truthfulness is the Foundation” by Caity Bolton


13. “Bestow Upon Me a Heart” by Geoffrey, Sarah, Shadi & Hoda


14. “Olkoon Sydamenne Taynna” by Alda, Mea, Omni, Nader & Pedram 


15. “The Bright Day is Coming” by Mea & Mitra


16. “As a Sea” by Jasmine Michel


17. “Glory Glory” by Clara Haskell


18. “Shining Lamp” by Martha & Mahdis


19. “Ocean of Wealth” by Reza & Anthony


20. “Trust in God” by Shadi Kouchekzadeh 


21. “Wings of Thy Protection” by Jamesley Cavanagh


22. “Guide Me” by Max Weigert


23. “Never Alone” by Alicia Ruhi Cundall 


24. “Ya Baha” by Christina, Julia & Jeffrey


25. “Broken Winged Bird” by Carmel Zein


26. “Prayer for Humanity” by Stevie & Tory


27. “Ablaze” by Sofia, Avinash, Goleta & Pradheep


28. “Daughter of the Kingdom” by Martha & Mahdis


29. “Aye Jan Feshan” by Behzad Khoshmashrab


30. “Eshgh Manam” by Behzad Khoshmashrab


31. “Refresh” by Dechen & Michael


32. “At All Times” by JYSEP Goodna 


33. “O God, Guide Me” by Hayze & Family


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