12 Baha’i Blog Resources for Naw-Ruz

As the final days of the Fast wind to a close, Baha’is the world over prepare for Naw-Ruz and the commencement of a new year (for more information about how the Baha’i year is structured, check out this article: “The Badi (Baha’i) Calendar”). In anticipation of Naw-Ruz, here are 12 articles and videos — and a quiz! — currently on Baha’i Blog: 

1. Naw-Ruz: The Baha’i New Year

In this introductory article, Susan reflects on the significance and origin of Naw-Ruz and offers some quotations from the Writings about its meaning.

2. Naw-Ruz: Spiritual Springtime

Preethi shares her thoughts on Naw-Ruz and the vernal equinox. She reflects on springtime and how the Baha’i Revelation has renewed and awakened the world.

3. Baha’i Blog Quiz: Naw-Ruz

Test your understanding (or that of your friends and family!) of this holy day with our 10 question quiz.

4. Is Naw-Ruz an Iranian Holiday or a Baha’i Holy Day?

In this article, Naysan explores the distinction between Naw-Ruz, the Baha’i holy day, and Naw-Ruz, the Iranian holiday.

5. Naw-Ruz: A Time for Renewal

Preethi offers some thoughts on her new year’s spiritual resolutions.

6. The Divine Springtime: A Personal Reflection

In this article, I share descriptions of spring in the Baha’i Writings and my reflections on what a divine springtime signifies for us all.

7. 19 Questions I’m Asking Myself for the Baha’i New Year

Naysan offers a list of 19 meaningful personal questions to help think about the year that has just ended, the one about to begin, and our contributions to the community-building process at hand.

8. Melissa Charepoo’s Children’s Books for Ayyam-i-Ha, the Fast & Naw-Ruz

I interviewed the Melissa Charepoo about her multicultural children’s book that is devoted to this holy day.

9. Seasons of Spirituality: Ayyam-i-Ha, the Fast and Naw-Ruz

Preethi ponders on the qualities of unity and service to others and how they underlie the celebrations of Ayyam-i-Ha, the observance of the Fast, and the beginning of a new year.

10. Usifiwe Naw Ruz – Johannesburg Baha’i Choir (Video)

The Johannesburg Baha’i Choir put together an upbeat and vibrant music video for Naw-Ruz.

11. Baha’i Naw-Ruz Celebration on Swiss TV (video)

You can check out a Naw-Ruz celebration that was televised in Switzerland in Swiss-German.

12. How to Make An Easy Wall Decoration (Creative Ideas video)

If you’re looking for ways to beautify your space for Naw-Ruz, we demonstrate how you can make an easy wall decoration in this Creative Ideas video. If you’d like to watch our other videos in this series, you can find them here on our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2DSKakw

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