Cloud9: Mary Darling – Changing the World One TV Show at a Time

Cloud9 is a podcast produced by Baha’i Teachings. Its aim is to feature interviews with artists and discuss what inspires them to make a positive contribution to the world. In this episode, Baha’i Teachings’ arts editor Shadi Toloui-Wallace interviews co-owner, director, writer and executive producer Mary Darling. She first learned of the Baha’i Faith through a friend 30 years ago in Minnesota, and was instantly drawn to the inclusive Baha’i teachings of progressive revelation. Having fallen in love with storytelling early on, Mary spent many years working in media and advertising before joining Westwind Pictures in 1998, which was founded by her husband Clarke Donnelly in Saskatchewan. Because it is owned and operated by Baha’is, Westwind Pictures has focused its efforts on trying to balance the Baha’i teachings and values with their approach to storytelling and the content they produce. 

If you enjoy this podcast, you might also like the Baha’i Blogcast with Rainn Wilson. You can listen to his interview with Mary Darling and Clark Donnelly here. You can also read an interview with Mary and Clark about their documentary, The Baha’is, here on Baha’i Blog.

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