“Angels of Fire and Snow” by Sinnober

“Angels of Fire and Snow” is a track from Projection, Sinnober’s latest album. Sinnober is the musical partnership of Sebastian and Natalie Brice and this song’s title was inspired by the Baha’i Writings after Natalie attended a study session and workshop about life after death. Sebastian described the song with these words: 

“Death isn’t something we openly embrace in Western culture, yet it is such a vital part of our human experience. This song is about glimpsing the mystical in the everyday. It’s also about the mind-made limitations we place on ourselves and how there’s often a sense of holding back and waiting for the right moment, when really what we need to do is jump in.”
You can read our interview with Sebastian Brice here on Baha’i Blog.


Projection is available to stream/buy from all the major outlets via this link: song.link/projection You can also get CD’s, signed copies and merchandise via Bandcamp: www.sinnober.bandcamp.com. You can find Sinnober on Facebook or Instagram, or sign up to their mailing list on www.sinnober.com if you’d like to keep up with future releases and gigs.


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