We Love Seeing You Wearing Baha’i Blog Apparel! (Part 2)

Baha’i Blog’s mission is to create, celebrate and explore Baha’i-inspired content, artistic expression and the use of various avenues of media, and one of the ways we explore Baha’i-inspired content is also through worn apparel, like our t-shirts!

It’s always exciting to see people wearing our shirts and we love hearing about the impact they’re having, so we’ve decided to showcase some of the images shared with us in this collection called “We Love Seeing You Wearing Baha’i Blog Apparel! (Part 2)”. You can see part one of this collection here: We Love Seeing You Wearing Baha’i Blog Apparel! (Part 1)

This year we launched our “World Citizen” design, which, along with all our other designs, are available at our online shop! We only create a limited number of shirts in each design and they’re selling fast! Some sizes are already sold out so it’s best not to wait, especially if you’re thinking of gifting the shirts this Ayyam-i-Ha! The shirts are sold with free global shipping, so you can order them from anywhere in the world, and all sales go towards helping Baha’i Blog keep creating Baha’i-inspired content!

Thank you all for sharing these images with us, and if you’d like to share images of you and your friends and family wearing Baha’i Blog apparel, please send them to us at [email protected]

Thanks to everyone for supporting Baha’i Blog, and without further ado, here’s “We Love Seeing You Wearing Baha’i Blog Apparel (Part 2)”!

We love seeing entire families families wearing our shirts — especially our latest “World Citizen” design! Pictured here is the family of Baha’i Blog team member, Naysan Naraqi: his sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephews. They’ve been a HUGE HELP to Baha’i Blog over the years in ways too numerous to mention, so we’d like to express a special THANK YOU to them for all their hard work and support!

You can find our “World Citizen” shirt, and all of our other shirts, here at the Baha’i Blog’s Shop.

It’s great to see Vincent wearing his “Live to Do Good” shirt on the grounds of the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, USA. Vincent has also been a HUGE help to Baha’i Blog, so a special thank you, Vincent, for all you’ve done! Here’s what he shared this with us about the shirt: “I love having a shirt that sparks meaningful conversation and fits so well! Great quality!”

You can find our “Live to Do Good” t-shirts here on Baha’i Blog’s Shop.

Here’s rapper Colby Jeffers and his beautiful family! We love seeing this photo of them all wearing our “Created Noble” shirt, particularly because the baby’s name is Noble!

You can find our “Created Noble” shirts in all sizes and onesies here at our Baha’i Blog Shop.

Seeing you out and about, taking a selfie, and sharing a message of unity by wearing our “World Embracing Vision” shirt makes us really excited!

You can find our “World Embracing Vision” shirts here on Baha’i Blog’s Shop.

These two little cuties love their ice cream and spreading the joyful message of having a “World Embracing Vision”.

Get your “World Embracing Vision” shirt here at the Baha’i Blog Shop before they’re all gone.

Here I am with my family, and we all loooooooove our “World Citizen” shirts! You can purchase them here!

Another adorable family in Baha’i Blog apparel! Their youngest was still in her mommy’s belly, and we don’t want you to miss out on their cuteness, so here’s a sort of “before and after” shot:

You can find our “World Embracing Vision” shirts (for men, women and children) here, our “Baha’i Blog” shirts in various sizes here, and our “Created Noble” shirts here.

Here are twin sisters, Hoda and Neda, and their four cool kids all decked out in our “Baha’i Blog” t-shirts! They’ve always been super supportive of Baha’i Blog over the years, and here’s what they had to say about it: “Baha’i Blog is part of our family – we watch the videos, take the quizzes, and often share content with friends to give them insight into the Baha’i perspective. The children were so excited about these t-shirts that they wore them to school on their first day back from winter break!”

Get your “Baha’i Blog” shirts here at the Baha’i Blog Shop.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Naysan, Baha’i Blog’s editor, proudly wearing our latest “World Citizen” design! Here’s what he had to say about the shirt: “You don’t have to have traveled or lived in different parts of the world to be a world citizen – being a world citizen is a state of mind.”

You can purchase our “World Citizen” design in everything from a onesie for babies and all sizes for adults in both men and women’s cuts, here at the Baha’i Blog Shop.

And in our last photo for this collection, here are two little ones wearing our “Brilliant Star” and “Radiant Heart” t-shirts for kids. We actually chose the color of each of these shirts based on a survey we did on the Baha’i Mommies Facebook page, so if you were one of the people that voted, thank you for taking part in it!

You’ll find our “Brilliant Star” shirts here at our shop, and our “Radiant Heart” shirts here.

Well that’s it for this collection, and thank you again to all those who participated and sent us their photos!

Also to those of you thinking about getting a shirt for yourself or as a gift, remember that these shirts are limited editions and once they’re sold out, that’s it, they’re gone! So head on over to the Baha’i Blog Shop and get yours now!


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