6 Photos of the Bab’s Personal Belongings

In a recent Baha’i World News Service article, we learned that 43 images associated with the life and mission of the Bab have been published online for the first time on the Baha’i Media Bank. This also includes aerial footage of the Shrine of the Bab that we turned into this short video.

The Bab, which means ‘the Gate’ in Arabic, was a Messenger of God, whose role can be likened to that of John the Baptist (who told of the coming of Christ) in heralding the coming of the latest Manifestation of God: Baha’u’llah.

This year marks the Bicentennial of the Birth of the Bab, so Baha’is around the world will undoubtedly be celebrating this special occasion, and we are always grateful when the Baha’i World Centre releases media that can potentially be used for this special time.

From these new photographs now on the Baha’i Media Bank, we thought we’d showcase six photos of personal objects that belonged to the Bab. 

The Bab’s signet ring

The Quran belonging to the Bab

Prayer beads belonging to the Bab

Cap worn by the Bab beneath His turban

Robe worn by the Bab

Brazier and samovar belonging to the Bab


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  1. Wau, wau, wau! Wunderschöne Sachen von Bab. Dieser Ring? Super schön! Einzigartig! Tank very so much Naysan

  2. Yesterday, I saw the personal belongings of Baha’u’llah on YouTube and was really pleased with His beautiful fetz. I’ve read about Bab’s remaining stuff, but never seen it. I am very much looking forward to Bahablog today. All the Team Naysan best regards and thank you 10000x

  3. These show how delicate and graceful the Báb was, and that such sweet, youthful and soft Soul having gone through the degree of suffering that He did, leading to His martyrdom, is by itself incredibly heart aching.

  4. thanks please send me more information and pics about the important personages of the Bab and Baha’u’llah dispensation

  5. How moving to see photos of the personal effects of His Holiness the Bab. It literally brings tears to my eyes to consider what a blessing He is to the World; and to consider His nobility, humility and unparalleled suffering.

  6. Mmmmmmm! Also weisst du Naysan! Ich bin tief traurig heute; es zermalmt meine Seele was der grosse Herrn ob den Niklas und anderen bösen Neider- leiden musste! Dann haben diese noch Sein Haus zerschlagen; es macht mich einfach nur traurig. Es drückt mir die Tränen aus den Augen. Einfach unfassbar lieber Naysan

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