10 Personal Reflections that Refer to the Bab (Part 1)

“Personal Reflections on the Baha’i Faith from Around the World” is a Baha’i Blog initiative in honor of the bicentenary anniversaries of the Births of Baha’u’llah and the Bab, Prophet-founders of the Baha’i Faith. 

In this initiative, we share portraits of Baha’is and their friends from different countries and territories all over the world, and a few of their words about what the Baha’i Faith means to them or how it has touched their lives. 

We shared 200 portraits in 2017 to celebrate the Birth of Baha’u’llah, and we’ve been sharing another 200 portraits this year in honor of the Birth of the Bab. Our hope is that by sharing these pictures and excerpts, we will answer the call from the Universal House of Justice to communicate “a sense of what it means for humanity that these two Luminaries [the Bab and Baha’u’llah] rose successively above the horizon of the world.” (from a letter dated 18 May 2016 to all National Spiritual Assemblies)

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As the bicentennial celebrations for the Birth of the Bab draw nearer, we wanted to showcase 10 portraits that have shared so far in which the participants speak about the Bab and His Revelation. 



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“When I think of the Revelation of the Bab, I think of love and I think of hope. Mainly because those are just some of most powerful forces that exist in this world. Some of my favourite quotes from the Faith is: ‘O Son of Spirit! Love me that I may love thee, if thou lovest Me not, My love can in no wise reach thee!’ Another is: ‘If thou loves me turn away from thyself, if thou seekest My pleasure, regard not thine own.’ The Faith and the Bab always reminds me to have love in my heart and to have that hope. If I love Him, He is going to love me back and if I love the world, it’ll be a better place.” #bahai #bahaifaith #bahaipeople #bahaiphotos #bahaiphotographer

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“…one of the things that is inspiring me in this day and age is that we’re actually revolutionaries. I feel like the early figures of the Dispensation of the Bab, who were these really heroic figures, are examples for us. Having a conversation with someone randomly, that you’ve never met before, about profound themes may be seen as an act of rebellion. People are really challenging social convention with everything that we’re doing — talking openly and honestly about spirituality and not restricting it just to your private home and being open about that and challenging thoughts in society is actually akin to that rebelliousness of those early believers who sought out to transform society radically. They were heroes of transformation.” #Bahai #BahaiFaith #Bicentenary #BicentenaryBirthoftheBab #Bahaiphoto #Bahaiphitographer

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“One example of a law from the Bab is His emphasis on beauty and refinement. Some of the laws are so interesting when you think about them, because He knew that they didn’t have to be applied [because after Baha’u’llah declared His Station, He abrogated the Bab’s laws]. So for example: building a door that a tall person doesn’t have to bend under. I mean with laws like that, you go: Wow! When you think about it more deeply, there’s the principle behind it, and the deep spirit behind it. […] There’s so much layers and layers and layers of symbolism and changing conventions, and turning things on its head, and metaphors, and numerology, and also 5 million words of Revelation. It just will change the planet, it is changing the planet.”#Bahai #BahaiFaith #BicentenaryBirthoftheBab #Bahaipeople #Bahaiphoto #Bahaiphotographer

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  1. As a fourth generation Bahai I am
    Amazed on how many things I am
    Still learning about this beautiful faith ! I believe if we can sincerely come to
    A conclusion on the details of the execution of the Bab we can assist those in Islam who are still awaiting their 12th imam the Mahdi! The first execution must be decisively studied and discussed because 750 Armenian Christians shot their musket guns and when the smoke cleared the Bab and Anis that was to
    Be killed with the Bab were unharmed and the Bab was found back in his cell with his secretary! 750 men shoot and hit only the ropes ? How’? Why? This may be PROOF OF GODS HAND !

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