Scale of Significance: How Significant Are You? – Erik Friedenberg (Justice Conference 2019) [Audio Track]

In this audio version of a talk titled ‘Scale of Significance: How Significant Are You?’ given by Eric Friedenberg at the Justice Conference 2019, Erik engages the audience in a meaningful conversation about the intrinsic values one has from an inner knowledge. If you live and work by these values, you will make decisions that are based on love and unity and therefore add meaning to you or your company’s environment and achieve significance. Erik talks about his dream, and facilitates the sharing of ideas about working from a place of unity and what it means for a company. He argues that if being driven by significance becomes the standard in companies and the financial world, then this will result in a total change in behavior everywhere.

Erik Friedenberg is the founder of ‘Manifesto’, a cooperative company of personal accountants and company coaches who coach entrepreneurs on how to approach their dream and how to realize their mission. The coaching is assisted by using a (nearly) real-time scoreboard showing both the hard and soft parameters, as well as the interaction between the two. ‘Manifesto’ inspired the idea of developing the ‘Scale of Significance’, a new tool aimed at replacing balance sheets throughout the world, which is based on the premise that money is not the measure of all things, and it’s aimed at making the intrinsic values of organizations visible, measurable and comparable.

Watch the video of this talk here: Scale of Significance: How Significant Are You? – Erik Friedenberg (Justice Conference 2019)

The Justice Conference is an annual Baha’i-inspired forum for the exploration of international law, global governance, justice and ethics. It takes place in the Netherlands and all are welcome to participate!

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