Naw-Ruz is Everywhere! A Live Online Global Celebration!

Welcome to “Naw-Ruz is Everywhere!” an online Naw-Ruz celebration hosted by Rainn Wilson and Britany Thomas, and live-streamed with friends from around the world!

In this special online celebration, singer/songwriter Yosi, has gathered friends from different corners of the globe, to share The Creative Word, stories, poems, songs, laughter, hope, music, and tidings in one awesome live-streamed event, so you can enjoy the Naw-Ruz spirit, while still staying at least 6 feet apart!

The Live Stream begins with a brief introduction of the Baha’i Faith and Naw-Ruz, followed by the hosts calling out to folks from around the world to greet viewers and share a piece of art that brings joy peace and upliftment! Who doesn’t need that in these challenging times right?!

Please show your love and support to the artists in this broadcast by scrolling to the bottom of this page where you’ll find their links.

Use the timecodes below to skip to certain segments:

– Brittany Thomas – 0:06 Introductions!
– Rainn Wilson – 1:28 Intro to the Festival of Naw-Ruz and the Baha’i Faith
– Hayden Knight-Weiler, Elena Cotugno, and their son Liam- 9:23 Greetings In Lecco, Italy
– Hayden Knight Weiler – 10:34 “Heart Like Unto a Glass” in Italian
– Maya Rivera and Amin Mesbah – 12:53 “QUIÉN LIBRA DE LAS DIFICULTADES SALVO DIOS”
– Elika Mahoney – 14:19 “上帝啊! 指引我” O God Guide Me – Mandarin In Beijing, China
– David Hunt- 16:02 “One Planet! One People Please!” In Bergamo, Italy
– Brittany Thomas – 18:54
– Naeema Eckfield – 19:12 Story of Abdu’l-Baha, by Lady Bloomfield in “The Chosen Highway”
– Ruha Benjamin – 26:26 Story from South Africa, “Fly Eagle Fly” in Illanois
– Brittany Thomas – 35:56
– Licata Bros- 38:06 A Prayer for Detatchment from The Bab In Arcadia, California, USA
– Justice, Worthi, Genevieve, and Eric Dozier- 42:05 “Ray of Light” #raceunityroadtrip
– Robert Gillies – 45:50 “O God Guide Me”
– Tierney Sutton – 49:30
– Brittany Thomas – 53:12
– Shahean Talebreza & Dr. Robert Kim- Farley – 53:35 Informative interview in
– Kay Hubbard, ND – 59:48 Supporting Mental Health during Pandemic
– Aria and Samba – 1:06:05 autonomous sensory meridian response in space 😛
– Brittany, Yosi – 1:07:23 A Message From our Producer
– Katharine Key and Xolani – 1:09:30 Sea of Joy
– Luke Slott – 1:12:12 Nawruz Greetings and Blessed is the Spot
– Rezal, Robert, and Ealsaid – 1:15:18 – Fun with Fam! O Son Of Spirit My First Counsel is this
– Yosi – 1:17:26 هَلْ مِن مُفِّرجٍ غَيرُ اللهِ قُلْ سُبْحَانَ اللهِ هُوَ اللهُ كلٌّ عِبَادٌ لَهُ وكلٌّ بأمرِهِ قَائِمُونَ, , As a Mountain
– Katie, Gabriel, Rosie, Sammy J, Barley, and JB Eckl – 1:23:30 Guide Me Protect Me
– Brittany Thomas – 1:26:43
– Sean Hill – 1:27:54 Naw-Rúz Love and Poem “Only Human”
– Jamal DeGruy aka J-Bird the Straybird – 1:31:12 Carmel
– Brittany Thomas – 1:36:16
– Nakhjavani, Breakwell, Day, and Jamey Heath- 1:37:21 Heath’s Naw-Rúz Children’s song
– Danny, Louis, and Omid Djalili – 1:39:58 Blessed is the Spot and giggles
– Camila Matamala-Ost – 1:43:35 Happy
– Star Lacefield – 1:47:21
– Shadi Touloui-Wallace – 1:50:06 Naw-Rúz Greeting and This is Faith
– Brittany Thomas 1:54:55
– Tatiana Zamir- 1:57:13 Guided Meditation
– Brittany Thomas – 2:04:04
– Credits – 2:04:57 Many Thank You’s!


* Sean Hill – IG: @letsbendreality…
* Brittany Thomas aka Adana Kenlow – IG @akenlow
* Yosi Mesbah – IG: @yosimesbah
* Hayden Knight-Weiler – IG: @padrelingua9
* Elika Mahoney – IG: @Elika Mahony
* David Hunt –
* Ruha Benjamin – IG: @ruha9
* Licata Bros – IG: @thelicatabrothers
* Eric Dozier/Fam – IG: @ericdozier @raceunityroadtrip
* Robert Gillies – IG: @robertgillies @musicbystirling
* Tierney Sutton –
* Rainn Wilson – IG: @rainnwilson
* Kay Hubbard, ND – IG: @kay_hubb
* Aria and Samba Schutte – IG: @sambaschutte
* Katharine Kay –
* Luke Slott – IG: @Luke Slott
* JB Eckl- IG @Jbeckl
* Jamal DeGruy – IG @thestraybird…
* Jamey Heath – IG: @Jameyjaz
* Omid Djalili – IG: @omiddjalili
* Camila Matamal-Ost – IG @camilamatamost
* Star Lacefield –…
* Shadi Touloui Wallace – IG: @ShadiTolouiWallace
* Tatiana Zamir – IG: @TatianaZamir
* Luke Perreira – IG: Lukein_good
* Erinn O’Grady – IG: @erinnthered
* Emmerson Boergadine –
* Sam Zamir aka DJ Samsonite – IG: @djsamsonite

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