Elevate: A Collection of Uplifting Resources from the Baha’is of the UK

The Baha’is of the United Kingdom have released an elegant website dedicated to sharing prayers and resources for elevated conversations. The site is called Elevate. This is how they describe the project: 

Elevate is a collection of resources to support a growing movement to create greater spiritual consciousness. Through the sharing of prayers for all humanity — giving rise to elevated conversations and service to others — the materials gathered here encourage the exploration of timeless spiritual values and fundamental questions, and how they are expressed through creative expression.

You can find the project here: www.bahai.org.uk/elevate

The website covers such topics as strength, hope, friendship and patience with more and more themes to be released in the coming days and weeks. Each theme includes a devotional program, which can be downloaded with either mobile or desktop formatting. The devotions include a diversity of quotations from sacred texts of the Baha’i Faith, other religions, artists and thinkers.

Elevate also offers accompanying resources for each theme curated from the online world such as poetry, videos, talks, podcasts, articles, and a playlists of contemporary music. There are a lot of materials at your disposal.

You can find out more by exploring Elevate and subscribing for updates: www.bahai.org.uk/elevate 

You can also follow the project on Facebook and Instagram.

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