Our Collective Future Beyond and Because of COVID-19 – Dr. Iraj Abedian [Audio Track]

In this online talk called ‘Our Collective Future Beyond and Because of COVID-19’, Chief Economist Dr. Iraj Abedian shares some of his thoughts on the effects of the global pandemic on the world.

Dr. Iraj Abedian is the founder and Executive Chairman of Pan-African Holdings (Pty) Ltd. He is a graduate of University of Cape Town (UCT), and holds a PhD in economics from Simon Fraser University, Canada. He taught at UCT for over 18 years and was Professor of Economics at UCT before joining Standard Bank as Group Chief Economist in 2000. He was extensively involved in economic and financial policy as well as the institutional restructuring of South Africa’s public finance policy after 1994. Alongside active involvement in private equity investments in Africa, Iraj maintains a keen interest in public policy issues and is proactively engaged in professional discourses related to the evolving socio-economic system worldwide. He has been an active member of the South African Baha’i community since 1980 and served on the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of South Africa during 1984-1989 and 1998-2005. For more information about Dr. Iraj Abedian, please visit: irajabedian.co.za

Baha’i Blog would like to thank Dr. Abedian for his presentation and for allowing it to be recorded and published, and also a special thanks to Akram and Michael Namati, members of the Baha’i community of the Gold Coast, Australia, for organizing the presentation and allowing it to be recorded and shared.

You can watch the recording of this talk here: Our Collective Future Beyond and Because of COVID-19

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