“Tiny Seed” by Victoria & Willow

Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions is an initiative where we invite Baha’is and their friends from around the world to come into a studio and share the Baha’i Writings put to music.

In this Baha’i Blog Studio Session, we’re in Hluboka nad Vltavou, Czech Republic with Victoria Jane Leith and Willow Bea Leith singing “Tiny Seed” based on a prayer by Baha’u’llah.

This song was filmed and recorded in Hluboka nad Vltavou, Czech Republic on 23 March 2021, and the music was composed by Victoria Jane Leith.


“I am, O my God, but a tiny seed which Thou hast sown in the soil of Thy love, and caused to spring forth by the hand of Thy bounty.”


C# D
I am O my God

E C#
But a tiny seed

C# D
Which Thou hast sown in the soil

E/ F#
Of Thy love

C# D E F#
And caused to spring forth

C# D E C#
By the hand of Thy Boun-ty

You can also listen to and download the audio version of this song from Baha’i Blog’s Soundcloud page here: “Tiny Seed” by Victoria & Willow [Audio Track]

Watch the entire Studio Sessions video series on Baha’i Blog’s YouTube Channel here: Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions playlist

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