On Knowledge & Knowing – A Talk by Dr. Hossain Danesh

In this talk titled ‘On Knowledge & Knowing’, shared in Victoria, Canada on 23 January 2014, Dr. Hossain Danesh explores the idea of knowledge.

Dr. Hossain Danesh was the Founder and President of the International Education for Peace Institute, and was a professor of Psychiatry (University of Ottawa) and Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (Landegg International University), and the author of many articles and 11 books in his fields of specialization. For more information, please visit Dr. Danesh’s website: www.hbdanesh.org

The Baha’i Blog team was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Danesh. We are forever grateful to him for giving us permission to share these talks, and for the profound wealth of knowledge and insight he has left behind through the breadth of his service and works.

You can also listen to this talk on Baha’i Blog’s YouTube channel here: On Knowledge & Knowing – A Talk by Dr Hossain Danesh

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