Jewel in the Lotus: The extraordinary story of the Baha’i House of Worship in New Delhi, India

This is the remarkable story of one of the outstanding architectural achievements of the 20th century, the Baha’i House of Worship in New Delhi, India.

Architect Fariborz Sahba based his design on the ancient spiritual symbol of the lotus. Embodying purity and tenderness, the lotus is closely associated with Manifestations of God. Realization of the delicacy of the lotus form involved complex geometry. Advanced computer technology along with a high degree of precision was required throughout the design, fabrication and erection of the structure. The work was accomplished by traditional Indian craftsmen using minimal equipment and time-worn techniques in conjunction with the most sophisticated modern construction methods.

The House of Worship is the achievement of hundreds of people from different races, countries, and religious backgrounds who joined in a harmonious effort to build a tabernacle of peace and unity. It extends an invitation to the followers of all religions to recognize the underlying unity that makes them all one in spirit.

Produced by Fred Badiyan in 1987, Baha’i Blog was graciously given the rights to publish ‘Jewel in the Lotus’ on our YouTube channel, and we’d like to express our deepest thanks to Fred Badiyan for allowing us to share this precious video with others.

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  1. I will always endear the experience of doing a solo at this Divine Temple March 1996. The scale of The Lotus Temple is 3 city blocks. After the service I came outside to note 9 Eagles flying low in a circle above the roof. A sight most awesome.100 ⚡️ SPARKS of Light for Abdul Baha 10-10-2021

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