Audio Reading: Universal House of Justice Ridvan Message 2022 (179 BE)

Baha’i Blog is happy to provide an audio reading of the 2022 Ridvan Message from the Universal House of Justice.

Each year during the Festival of Ridvan, the Universal House of Justice addresses a letter to the worldwide Baha’i community, known as the Ridvan message. These letters touch on many subjects, including the growth and vibrancy of the Baha’i community, its efforts to contribute to the life of society, and the progress of specific projects and plans.

Special thanks to Farzaneh Fordham for reading this message for us.

The 2022 Ridvan message can be viewed and downloaded from the Baha’i Reference Library: 2022 Ridvan Message

You can also listen to, and download this reading on Baha’i Blog’s Soundcloud page here: Universal House of Justice Ridvan Message 2022 [Audio Track]

Listen to more audio recordings of letters and messages on this YouTube playlist: Audio Books & Readings

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