Face to Face – Poem by Tahirih, Music by Pierre Weber and Lorraine Manifold

This video shares a poem by the heroine, Tahirih, who was born in Persia in 1814 and who was a strong proponent of women’s emancipation at a time when most women were kept illiterate and hidden away from society. Tahirih was an influential poet, women’s right activist and theologian.

In August 1852, at the age of 38, Tahirih was executed even though she could have saved herself by consenting to marry the king of Persia. Her last recorded words were, “You can kill me as soon as you like, but you will never stop the emancipation of women.”

The melody of this song and its music video were created by Lorraine Manifold (she also sings the piece) and Pierre Weber composed its piano accompaniment. This video is released in honour of the 170th anniversary of Tahirih’s execution.

You can read more about the life of Tahirih in this Baha’i Blog article: Tahirih – The Force of a Pure Heart

And her poetry here: The Poetry of Tahirih

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