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Brittany Betts

Brittany is CEO of The International Educator and has a background in educational content and publishing. A fourth-generation Baha'i, she grew up in Portugal where she settled and started her family of three boys. She now resides in the Bay Area, California, USA.

Living to Do Good – A Personal Reflection

Recently my whole life has been turned around. Correction: I have turned my whole life around. Correction: I have let God guide my life in a better direction.

Just the way you phrase it changes the entire narrative. My ego can be very loud. It wants to boss me around. I feel like I have to be constantly vigilant — tweaking that inner voice, writing my true narrative. How I tell my story is powerful. It’s how I perceive my life. Where I start, what motivates me, what my goal is.

But when your ego is loud, where do you look to find perspective? To find your goal? Continue reading