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Cherie's heart has always belonged in the Blue Mountains, NSW, where she happily resides now. She became a Baha’i in 2015, and shared many Baha'i Blog posts with her friends and family to help explain her new faith. She got her graphic design degree and worked as a photographer for a number of years. She's a self-proclaimed flexitarian and tries to make the most sustainable choices every day. She has a great interest in fashion, ceramics and other fine arts. The only things she can’t live without is a steady flow of chocolate and coffee (bonus points if it’s in the form of a mocha).

Calling for Australian Creators! Introducing: Baha’i Blog’s ‘Creator Network’

Since sharing our plans for a new Baha’i Blog vision and direction, we’ve been working on expanding our network of Australian creators to share their artistic expressions of the Revelation of Baha’u’llah and its transformative powers. We want to inspire individuals around Australia to get interested, excited, and involved! We believe films and other arts and media have a role to play in doing just that. But, we can’t do it alone. Continue reading