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Chetan Phadke

Chetan is a Scientist in the West Park Healthcare Centre and an Assistant Professor in University of Toronto and York University. His research focuses on assessing functional deficits and treatment of problems associated with neurological disorders such as stroke and spinal cord injury. Chetan draws his inspiration from the Baha'i teachings, his wife Sunita, and the experience of applying spiritual principles to life.

Conquering My Fear of Fasting

For a number of years I experienced fear and anxiety prior to and during the Fast. This year, I reflected on it and asked myself, “why do I fear the Fast, and why do I associate it with negative emotions?” If I don’t do something about it then the fear will stay with me for my whole life till I turn 70. The Fast is one of the two important pillars of a spiritual life: the other being Obligatory prayers. I always fasted for the love and fear of God, but I have also endured fear and anxiety during the Fast. We are assured that every hour of the Fast is endowed with a special virtue – if all I am feeling is fear and anxiety then how can I make myself receptive to these special gifts? Continue reading