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Deborah Walters

Deborah Walters is a holistic healthcare practitioner and she runs a private practice specializing in spiritual, mental and physical healing. She is the author of 'The Supreme Remedy: Reflections on Applying Natural Healing Arts to the Baha'i Fast'. For more information, please visit

The Fast: A Simulated “Mini-Crisis” for Testing and Building Resilience

Recently I’ve been further wondering what spiritual effects we can expect when we refrain from food. Abdu’l-Baha tells us:

But mere abstention from food has no effect on the spirit. It is only a symbol, a reminder. Otherwise it is of no importance.

The Baha’i Teachings say food or illness do not touch the soul. So why do we fast and how does it enhance our spiritual experience? In this article, I’ll explore some main themes addressing the symbolic nature of abstaining from food, followed by some reflection questions you may find useful. These thoughts are based on my understanding of the Writings, my personal experiences, and my work as a holistic healthcare practitioner (and if you’d like to read more you may wish to check out my book, The Supreme Remedy).  Continue reading