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Glynis Mackenzie

Glynis is passionate about authenticity in all aspects of life because this allows us to have inner and outer harmony and integrity in everything we do. She works as an Image Consultant (but with a difference!), Integrative Life Coach and Speaker with the intention of awakening, inspiring and supporting women and men to make the most of themselves, inside and out. She is the author of Reclaiming Beauty – Look like your True Self. [email protected]

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Can I Be Spiritual and Care About My Clothes?

I was once explaining to someone about how my work as an image consultant supports people to find authenticity in themselves and in their clothes — and they were incredulous: “But, Glynis, humanity is sliding off a cliff and you want us to pay attention to what we wear?”

In considering the general state of the world around us, this is a perfectly understandable response. The very serious issues eroding and degrading the planet present an immediate responsibility to each of us to make conscious efforts to address them. For this reason, many concerned and deep-thinking people feel that there are more important areas to focus on than the seemingly superficial and materialistic subject of clothes.

In this article, I’d like to explore ideas of discovering and expressing our true selves through the clothes we choose to wear.  Continue reading