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Tahirih Khademi

Tahirih is a Chicago-raised Baha’i living in Visalia, California. She’s interested in the relationship between incarceration and a lack of universal education. With immense help from incredible students/volunteers, Tahirih directs a non-profit called Writing Works, which promotes access to education in at-risk communities. You can find her reading at local coffee shops, watching films from the 1950s, or spending time with any animal she can find.

Love for the Sake of Love

A few weeks ago, a student of mine confided in me about a friendship that recently ended. They explained that they felt embarrassed and ashamed that they still deeply cared for the friend who was no longer an active part of their life. Before we ended our session, my student left me with their final thought: “Why does it matter if I care about someone, if they do not reciprocate that care or they aren’t around to feel it?” For some reason, I immediately thought of the familiar phrase – “When a tree falls in a lonely forest, does it make a sound?” For weeks, I’ve turned over the conversation in my mind and have found myself grappling with how we value a love that goes without acknowledgment, one that merely sits silently within our souls.  Continue reading