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Tara Semple

Tara Semple is a cultural sociologist living in Zurich. Her friends describe her as a self-affirming vegan meta hipster, which she denies. When she isn’t working on her PhD thesis on hipsterism, she is busy matchmaking her unassuming friends. She is passionate about spiritual education, yoga, eating lunch at Google and complaining about the new spirit of capitalism.

My Thoughts on a Coherent Approach to Dating

I got married about 8 months ago but I realise I have no advice yet to give on marriage itself. I am a bit clueless and my husband and I are just trying to deepen our very limited understanding of what marriage is and how to keep building our fortress of well-being. Marriage is a beautiful adventure that we cherish and enjoy so much, and I know many of us also want to embark on this journey. However, it is the pre-courtship and courtship phase that many of my friends have challenges with. How many times have you said or heard someone say, “there is no one, no one I could get to know in the Baha’i community or elsewhere”?   Continue reading